Eco Outdoor rethinks the humble brick | Raw and handmade design

In a rethinking of the traditional brick, Eco Outdoor has expanded its range with the launch of Mano Bricks, a handcrafted collection made using raw and natural materials. 

The name Mano, the Italian word for hand, reflects the artisan craftsmanship of each handmade brick, made from either glass, stone or terracotta. It’s also testament to the commitment from Eco Outdoor, a leading architectural surfaces designer and supplier in Australia, to expand the potential of one of history’s most reliable and consistent building materials. 

“Each brick is presented in a signature elongated shape inspired by the Romans,” explains the team behind Eco Outdoor. “Like the bricks that built the Colosseum, Mano Bricks are designed to last a lifetime.” 

The hand-casting process ensures each piece is unique, featuring ripples and variations derived from the pouring technique and the natural quality of the raw materials. Designed to get more beautiful as they age, the organic tones of nature are apparent in the five terracotta Cotto options, four stone and two glass designs. 

Glass Brick collaboration with Tom Fereday

Created in collaboration with renowned Australian industrial designer Tom Fereday, the Mano Glass Bricks are a celebration of renewable glass. Each brick is made of 70% recycled glass and 30% quartz sand.

“We began with a traditional roman brick and then added a unique curved shape allowing the collection to be used in an intriguing number of ways,” Fereday explains.

“It was important for the form to be quiet, to celebrate the material and allow the bricks to be used in large scale applications. The true beauty of the collection is how it interacts with light, creating translucent walls, and connecting indoor and outdoor spaces.”

In the rustic Arrotato colour, the Mano Cotto Bricks bring a warm tone to interior walls

Stone and Cotto Face Bricks

In their traditional format, bricks are heavy, full and one shape, which brings about limitations to their use. What Eco Outdoor has achieved is a signature elongated shape for the Mano bricks, which are available in the classic full format as well as a Face Brick (a thinner, lighter veneer brick that gives the appearance of a complete brick wall without the challenges of weight or restrictions). 

The hand-pressed Cotto and hand-finished stone sit alongside the Glass Brick in the new collection, offering a plethora of opportunities for architects and designers. The bricks can be used creatively to establish inviting environments, indoors or out. 

Mano Bricks was launched during Melbourne Design Week in May 2023 and the collection is available at all Eco Outdoor showrooms in Australia, New Zealand and in the US. For more information visit

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