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Since 2020, COAT Paints has been curating timeless colour palettes that make achieving a stylish home easy. But beyond the aesthetics, a can of COAT is also more of an eco-friendly swatch. Confirming the brand’s commitment to sustainability, COAT Paints has just been awarded the Positive Luxury Butterfly Mark; a globally recognised symbol of real change-makers in the luxury sector. 

The Positive Luxury assessment is scored by experts on all areas of sustainability – including a brand’s impact on environmental and social factors, as well as how ethically and responsibly every aspect of the business is run. Following the assessment, we delve into some of the most notable areas of COAT’s climate positivity.

COAT Paints packaging and paint pots
“Being planet-conscious has been a core principle of COAT’s since the business was born. Not because it’s a hot topic but because sensible people with principles don’t damage the planet”, Rob Abrahams, Co-founder and CEO of COAT Paints

It’s no surprise that millions of litres of paint gets wasted every year… just how many old cans do you have piled up in your garage?! But with many containing a high VOC content, these wasted pots significantly contribute to air pollution. Operating an impressive zero-waste and closed-loop recycling system, COAT Paints avoids letting thousands of litres go unused. Instead, the brand creates small-batches, made-to-order, which is then freshly mixed and shipped on the same day, meaning COAT steers clear of harmful preservatives.

Almost 100% of COAT’s packaging is also recyclable. This includes everything from paint tins and boxes to fitments, bags and stirrers, as well as smart peel and stick samples (95% less wasteful than paint tester pots) which are entirely recyclable and adhesive free. COAT Paints ensures its closed-loop system by offering customers a take back scheme where unused paint can be recycled into a new paint product, and mixed again for a new lease of life.

Rob Abrahams and Rob Green, co-founders of COAT Paints
(Left) Rob Abrahams and Rob Green, Founders of COAT Paints

On top of waste management innovation, COAT Paints always has the climate in mind. Taking responsibility for its Scope 1-3 emissions (includes emissions caused indirectly by a company), COAT continues to invest in vital carbon offsetting projects. In fact, COAT Paints delivers above and beyond, by offsetting unavoidable emissions and contributing double the amount of their emissions value to the UN Gold Standard, via partner Carbon Jacked. 

Eradicating unnecessary transportation has always been the aim. And by keeping things simple with local sourcing and local mixing for each market, COAT achieves carbon neutral delivery door to door. For UK orders, the modern colours are mixed in Suffolk, and for the European market, the magic takes place in Brussels. With a carbon footprint of around only 100 cars for the whole company, they’re still on a mission to make more progress, aiming to be Net Zero in 2024. 

A bedroom wall featuring a shade from COAT's neutrals collection

But to garner the Butterfly Mark, community involvement is also taken into account and improving homes and enhancing wellbeing is a top priority for COAT. So each quarter, a donation is made to Crisis UK, the national charity against homelessness. In addition, the brand has a corporate partnership with arts and mental health charity, Hospital Rooms, where COAT Paints provides support and paint materials. These social strategies contribute to community development goals and public good.

COAT Paint colour swatches
“We’re not ones for fads or gimmicks – we just make great paint and give back more to the planet than we take. That’s it.”

Sift through the sustainable spectrum today to find your perfect shade. But if you need a little help with your colour journey, you can try out the online quiz, where COAT helps to narrow down the best colour for you, whatever the room, size or design aesthetic.

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