Tile of Spain at Cevisama 24

Six trends from Tile of Spain’s Leading Manufacturers

The 40th edition of the annual international trade fair for ceramics, Cevisama, recently returned to Valencia, Spain, for its 2024 instalment. Enki took to the show with Tile of Spain to discover the latest celebration of design, innovation and sustainability from Tile of Spain’s leading manufacturers in ceramic and porcelain tiles. Each impressive space was filled with the new creative collections and a surprising sensory appeal of colour, texture and shape that is setting the stage for a year of exciting architectural and interior design projects. 

Returning to the UK, we share our top six tile trends from Cevisama – from going back to basics and inhabiting a space that draws in the elements from natural surroundings, to bold colour palettes that echo exhilaration yet timelessness, and intricate details with an artisanal touch through small format designs.

A touch of terracotta

Terracotta – essentially baked earth – is a natural material that has been used in the production of tiles for centuries. At Cevisama,  it was clear to see Spanish tile manufacturers are continuing to employ terracotta and clay tones to weave rusticity into a luxurious space. The subtle addition of terracotta adds a welcoming warmth to a modern design, whether that’s a tiled section of a wall or a surface. Or, when terracotta rules a space, which could look like the complete covering of a kitchen floor that then trickles into other living spaces, it creates a serene Mediterranean-like sanctuary all year round.

VIVES: Part of the ZERO collection, the beginning of a warm and endearing aesthetic, are the Archai hexagons in 23.3×26.8cm vivesceramica.com
Decocer: Debuting the new 5×50 cm format at Cevisama, the Elysian series evokes a sense of connection with the earth and features an irregular finish decocer.com
Harmony: Showcasing the Meraki (90×90) and Lagoon (6×24) Collections, combining neutral shades of clays together harmonyinspire.com

Think big

Large format tiles have become a staple for contemporary design in  both residential and commercial projects, especially when it comes to blending indoor and outdoor spaces. Possessing unmatched versatility and sleek finishes, larger formats replicate highly desired materials, from concrete to marble, in a range of gloss or matte finishes. Developments in design from Spanish tile manufacturers, including the addition of non-slip, ventilation and resistance features, make these tiles an option with high-performance qualities. 

Gres-Aragón: Selene is a cement effect tile collection in shades of white, cream and mocha in a 60×120 cm format gresaragon.com
Gres-Aragón: Materia replicates a natural stone streaked with subtle grey and ivory veins in a 60×120 cm format gresaragon.com
Peronda: Introducing the Cluny collection, a 120×120 cm format tile with a natural and non-slip finish inspired by stone native to the Burgundy region in France peronda.com
Gayafores: The Travertino collection reconnects spaces with nature while embracing warmth and textural richness gayafores.es

Embrace Pattern

The Spanish tile industry is well known for its approach to artisanal craftsmanship through small format tiles. You have everything from traditional colour palettes and abstract motifs, to geometric shapes and patterns, and when mixed and matched these add a playful edge to your space. This year, Spanish tile brands also showcased a modern take on traditional patterns, where the disposition of colours and shapes are scattered – at what almost seems at random  – through a design. This reveals an eye-catching effect that adds definition to floors and surfaces. 

Arcana: The Croccante Collection explores a decorative, varied and unique coherence with the small details arcanatiles.com
Gayafores: The Soleil Collection conveys a sense of joy and positivity through visually striking and symbolic colours gayafores.es
VIVES: The ZERO Collection returns to the origins of ceramics as a source of inspiration, bringing artisanal quality to current designs vivesceramica.com
Harmony: With its 12.3×12.3 cm format, the Dakar Collection unites Southern Spain’s rich tile traditions, drawing from the mediterranean and exotic ambience harmonyinspire.com

Natural instinct

Porcelain and ceramic tiles that mimic the materials of the natural world, such as timber, stone and rock, have never bore a closer resemblance to the real thing thanks to the latest modern technology. Natural characteristics of these materials add a welcoming warmth to any room, as well as the ultimate feeling of well-being. And with a continued longing for natural materials in homes and commercial builds, offerings from Spanish tile brands prove to be a more sustainable suitor. 

Peronda: The alabaster present in slats from the Verbier collection contrasts with areas of higher chromatic intensity, creating tonal variations of unparalleled naturalness peronda.com
Roca: Marais belongs to the InTech+ family, generated with the latest printing technology capturing the essence of natural materials never seen before in porcelain tiles roca.com
Museum: The Linen Collection features Cloud and Desert colours in 12mm thick 150×320 cm slabs for use as worktops bringing a modern appeal to kitchens museumsurfaces.com
Roca: With it’s natural oak shades, the Lagom wood-inspired porcelain collection offers a harmonious colour palette in a 26×160 cm format roca.com

Rectangular relief

Spanish tile brands at Cevisima highlighted how to achieve detail in design whilst maintaining a modern aesthetic within their projects. Focusing on the humble rectangular format tile; when this shape fills a space on floors and walls, it creates an intricate, yet uniform style that visually elongates its surroundings. Whether its floor-to-ceiling brick-shaped tiles or rectangular slithers, with an abundance of colour palettes to choose from, this format adds a touch of craftsmanship to modern interiors. 

Decocer: The 5×50  Chic collection includes colours from the cementitious range decocer.com
Arcana: Parallax is a porcelain collection that provides delicate and timeless elegance, satisfying the needs of contemporary architecture arcanatiles.com
Gayafores: The Deco Pottery collection creates a tactile surface with soft, rounded strips covering walls with a decorative aesthetic and artistic expression of traditional ceramics gayafores.es
VIVES: The 8×31.5 Radix tile is available in three shades, completing the range of porcelain tiles vivesceramica.com
VIVES: In a mono-glossy porcelain is the 8×31.5 Origo tile, available in a range of six colours vivesceramica.com

Creative contrast

A call for creativity was featured throughout Cevisama, where collections from Spanish tile brands combined unexpected unions of texture, shape and colour inspired originality. This showcased just how mixing and matching tile designs can be a simple way to add personality to a kitchen or bathroom, or as a tool to draw the eye to the details in and around the room. The creative freedom is endless with this trend, however, notable pairings from Spanish tile brands included patterned designs amongst a bold block colour, glossy and matte finishes that play with light, and stark contrasts of light and dark tones. 

Gayafores: The Deco Allure collection is a series of porcelain tiles inspired by hand-carved glazed terracotta tiles that represent colour, personality and traditional charm gayafores.es
Harmony: Made for broad design potential, the 22.3×22.3 Provenza collection is made up of six designs in varying tones for both walls and floors harmonyinspire.com
Museum: LINEN is a collection inspired by modern cross-cut travertine marble, with a strong realism and versatility. Available as 150×320 12mm thick slabs museumsurfaces.com
VIVES: RITMO is a collection designed to embellish rooms with freshness and originality. A rectified white paste 32×99 wall tile available in six colours vivesceramica.com

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