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New brand on the block Mous is all about bringing beautifully designed products to the table that protect and function effectively, and they’ve caused quite the stir in the industry with their non-traditional approach to campaigns and new launches

Natural materials case

From showcasing their new Limitless Case for iPhone and Samsung by dropping devices from 45ft cranes and out of helicopters to dressing up as the press, sneaking into an Apple Store and live-testing their cases in front of the public, this brand isn’t afraid of putting themselves out there. 

Mous Limitless Case

The new Mous Limitless Case for iPhone and Samsung is, so far, the most protective case ever. Developed with its own high impact, shock-absorbing material AiroShock™, this relentlessly tested design absorbs the energy of any fall by dampening the impact of the drop. The materials works in a way which means it slows down the rate of deceleration. Built to last, we also like that Mous have taken to offering their designs in natural materials including Wood, Real Leather, Carbon Fibre and Shell. 

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Shell case

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