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Cadini Leather Sofa, priced from £1,480 inc. vat

Our penchant for natural materials is on the increase as we head into a new year, be it in the form of beautifully crafted wood panelling, textured wicker lampshades or a carefully curated palette of natural hues. 

Cadini Leather Sofa, priced from £1,480 inc. vat

ROM Sofa’s latest arrivals will effortlessly help you to create this much-desired contemporary feel – which is set to dominate interiors for 2019 – with their upholstery palette of soft whites, modern greys and neutral leathers. The brand has continued the trend by integrating natural wood finishes to the legs of their designs, ideal for teaming with wooden side tables, accessories and a neutral carpet or wooden floor. 

Aloe Chair, priced from £2,300 inc. vat

Rest in the knowledge that each ROM sofa can be customised to your specific requirements via the brand’s in-house iPad app which allows the customer to choose the exact configuration and size, as well as the particular functions they want and where they want them. Your sofa will then be made to order with the finest detail, craftsmanship and precision. Built to last, ROM sofa’s are all about style and quality. 

Colorado Collection, priced from £1,300 inc. vat

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