Asket inhabits new headquarters | Driving change in the apparel industry

With a move into new minimalistic offices in Stockholm, sustainable brand Asket is focused on tackling fashion’s conventional business model. 

Founded in 2015, the Scandinavian change makers have already built a reputation as an industry disruptor and the new office design celebrates the brand’s mantra, ‘The Pursuit of Less’. Set inside one of Stockholm’s best preserved industrial buildings from the 1800’s, the clean and contemporary space has been conceived by the brand’s co-founder August Bard-Bringeus in collaboration with architectural practice Atelier Paul Vaugoyeau. 

The minimalist offices are situated within Fiskargatan 8, one of Stockholm’s best preserved industrial buildings from the 1800s 

In keeping with the minimal design vision, the 450 square-metre office spans one floor with an open and light atmosphere. The original layout and character of the building have been restored, stripping away any unnecessary details and bringing in timeless craftsmanship. 

“Our mission is to restore the value in clothing again, so we adopted a similar approach in designing our workplace. Instead of changing the given space, we worked with what was here and used natural, long-living materials, such as metal and oak wood for a timeless design that will last,” explains August Bard-Bringeus, co-founder at ASKET. 

Following the idea that everything has its reason for being, the team placed emphasis on meaningful design that negated the superfluous. In fact, designer Paul Vaugoyeau built much of the furniture himself, as he struggled to find items that represented Asket’s unique identity. 

Oversized Swedish oak tables formed the starting point for the interior design. Each one is cut from hardwood and carefully constructed to embody the company’s value in craftsmanship and enduring style. These are the central focus in meeting rooms, and in the main workspace a desk-style layout loosely nods to the factory rows of the industrial era. Not only do they provide a functional place to work, but at the same time they encourage open discussion and collaboration between teams. 

Pared-back furniture and industrial grey walls adhere to the less is more concept

“ASKET’s journey began in a basement studio space – picture the classic garage startup – this uncomplicated yet sophisticated layout, shows the development of the brand, while retaining the unsullied mindset inherent of young companies,” says designer Paul Vaugoyeau. 

A product design area, stocked with tools and materials to provide the team with everything they need to design and develop new garments. The new open and convivial space as a whole has become more of a studio, where after two years of working from home, the team can come together again to work in close collaboration. 

Photography by Erik Lefvander.

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