The Splash Lab | New wash space design brand

Revolutionising washrooms across the commercial, retail and public spaces is The Splash Lab, a progressive new wash space design brand.

The brand is redressing our approach to public bathrooms with their use of rich raw materials, carefully considered human-centric design and cutting-edge automation. Their beautifully curated interior architecture challenges traditional washroom design, and takes it to an all new level.

Founded by brothers Justin and Fraser Lovell – who previously worked for their family washroom fittings business, Lovair – The Splash Lab has evolved from 20 years of experience, knowledge and skill.

“Washrooms are one of the most visited and sensitive spaces in a building, and a space where many important social, environmental and behavioural issues collide – yet for too long they have been considered a design afterthought. We’re setting out to change that, undertaking rigorous research to determine the issues and de-humanizing elements surrounding washrooms, and using top quality materials to craft user-centred design solutions that advance the washspace for the benefit of everyone.” Justin Lovell

For Justin and Fraser a washroom space should be a place which offers a moment of calm, comfort and security, to renew a person’s senses.

Here at enki we love the brand’s new approach to the restroom which brings warm metallics, cool, sleek lines and tactile materials to the table. You’ll instantly delight in the design of their new product, the Aerofoil too. Which, manufactured in solid marble, corian or quartz, showcases a minimalist basin in a considered design.

Having recently worked with the likes of Apple, Pinterest, Westfield and Heathrow Airport, this is definitely a brand to watch. Opening their first showroom in Los Angeles in January of next year, followed swiftly by a showroom in Clerkenwell, London in May 2019, The Splash Lab is definitely making its mark.

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