The making of the Clapot table lamp | Poetic form

The Claypot table lamp comes in two ceramic colour options, Craie and Dune, with an acid-etched glass globe light

French artist Baptiste Lanne has gone back to nature to handcraft the sculptural Clapot table lamp, drawing influences from raw and textural details. 

Part of a collaboration with family-owned French manufacturers Faïencerie de Charolles, who are renowned for their traditional craftsmanship and industrial skills, the Clapot lamp exudes simplicity through its beautifully organic form. The design marks a change in creative process for Baptise Lanne, who has spent the past 10 years working for esteemed design studios such as Habitat and Philippe Starck. He has explained how he “felt the need to go back to a more personal and sensitive creative process, by rediscovering the artisanal dimension of design, manual tools and natural materials.”

Handmade in the workshops of the Burgundy factory, the ceramic lamp is characteristically sculptural with the idea that the circular-shaped light is balanced on a podium-style platform. The handcrafted quality is brought out in the bespoke details that are unique to each piece. Faïencerie de Charolles has revealed that Baptiste Lanne’s creations are “inspired by nature, the bark, scales, and water wrinkled by the wind,” to bring the intricate details of the natural world into our homes. The lamp is powered by 220V with a classic bulb mounted on a socket.

A wider range of designs is due to be launched in the future, but for now the Clapot table lamp is the first in this dynamic collaboration with a second piece currently under development. 

Craftsman and designer Baptiste Lanne experiments and makes handcrafted objects in his workshop

Photography: © Laetitia Bouquerel (products); © Louise Bezonbes (portrait of Baptiste Lanne).

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