The Light Speaker by Transparent | Setting the tone

The Light Speaker can be paired using Bluetooth so you can listen to your favourite songs on the go

In the form of a portable glass lantern, the new Light Speaker by Swedish sustainable audio brand, Transparent, produces light that mimics flickering flames as well as authentic sound.  

Combining light and with an omnidirectional speaker in one compact design, the Light Speaker adopts the look and feel of a traditional outdoor lantern. It is crafted from durable borosilicate glass and aluminium in a modular design that can be repaired and upgraded over time. At the moment, the light is made from 60% recycled aluminium. An ideal companion for camping holidays, to use at the beach or even in your garden. 

With 10 hours of battery time and a passive sub-woofer the rich acoustic sound can be enjoyed by everyone

When the sun goes down, you can watch the subtle flicker of the glowing, vibrating base-and-light element that sits at the bottom of the device. The enchanting light allows the flame to move and dance in time to the music playing from the speaker. There’s also an additional knob that lets you choose the atmospheric light you want, from the gentle effect of burning coals, to flickering candlelight or even a bright white reading light. 

Its compact, dome-shaped form makes portability easy, whether you’re indoors or out

We asked James Day, enki’s Technology Editor, to tell us more and give us his trusted insight…

“I had the good fortune to visit Transparent HQ in Sweden before travel restrictions were imposed to get a sneak peak of the innovative Light Speaker. It’s a pretty unique proposition, and while you won’t find it to be the most powerful portable speaker out there, it’s arguably one of the most atmospheric thanks to the painstaking work undertaken to perfect the flickering flame functionality.”

“Where it comes into its own is in outdoor spaces, such as beaches or wooded areas, and when you can daisy chain multiple Light Speakers together to create a more immersive soundscape,” he concludes.

Martin Willers and Per Brickstad, the founders of Swedish audio brand Transparent

The Light Speaker is priced at £270 and available to buy from Transparent.

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