Sustainable Design Summit 2022 | Delve into what’s on the agenda

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At this year’s Sustainable Design Summit a host of sustainability experts, interior buyers, and suppliers, will be diving into the importance of conscious design and solutions for the future. 

The design forum, which is dedicated to making sustainable choices easier for interior designers in the cruise, hotel, and aircraft cabin industries, will take place on 29th November 2022 at The Brewery in London. 

Tackling the biggest challenges of designing sustainably head on, the Summit Agenda looks at the criteria behind bio-sourced design, how to measure our impact on the environment, and discussions will be held around the power of cross industry collaboration. 

Speakers and session leaders discuss the power of cross-sector collaboration and the meaning of sustainable design means in this video

The Summit’s official host, experienced editor and writer Roddy Clarke will be facilitating the expertly curated programme of events. Conversations will be sparked, new connections will be made, and there will also be a showcase of intrinsically green products to explore and to inspire future projects. 

“Working in a multidisciplinary studio, across lots of different fields, we regularly find that we’re able to take good ideas from one area and apply them to another. Ultimately, that approach is the one we’re going to have to take if we’re really going to solve this problem, because we have very little time to solve it,” said speaker Luke Pearson, Co-founder and Director of Pearson Lloyd.

The session ‘One Planet One Mission’ will facilitate a range of discussions on how sustainable interiors can impact customer experience, lessons on responsible luxury, common difficulties faced by interior designers, sourcing solutions, and more. 

The Summit will unite land, air and cruise interiors industries

“I’m really interested to understand the gaps that particular industries have so that as designers we can fill them, because there’s no point in us trying to solve something that doesn’t need to be solved or isn’t the biggest problem,” said Callie Tedder-Hares, Founder Partner at Volume Creative. 

Spared, a creative service transforming waste into beautiful objects, is a start-up by brand Volume Creative (pictured below) who will be showcasing its designs at the Summit. By reconstructing various types of waste from food and electrical, to paper and construction into surfaces, sculptures, objects, furniture, and more, the brand wants to try and leverage material solutions that have a minimal environmental impact. 

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Spared by Volume Creative, presenting the Plarix Achromatic Collection

Photos courtesy of Sustainable Design Summit 2022.

The Sustainable Design Summit 2022 takes places on 29th November 2022 at The Brewery and you can register online

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