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Superpose Lamp

Normann Copenhagen have recently unveiled the new sculptural lamp, Superpose created by designer, Frederik Kurzweg. 

The curving lines and perforated surface of this sculptural design consists of three bent and perfectly rounded steel sheets, concentrically arranged around each other and shifted at a very precise 180-degree angle. Notably too, this unique composition of geometric shapes changes its form and appearance as the viewer moves position. 

Superpose Lamp

The brilliance of the perforated surface of the steel sheets, is that the lamp takes on a semi- translucent presence, with the layering of the sheets building even more intricate patterns as you delve into the core of the design (referred to as the moiré principle). 

As a statement lighting solution, the Superpose lamp works beautifully when hung over a central social space, be it a dinning table, island or coffee table. It emits a soft light outwards, while a more direct light flows downwards and dancing shadows move as the light pierces the perforated pattern. A truly unique and rather playful design, Normann Copenhagen’s Superpose Lamp is, in a nutshell, pretty super

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