Steam-bent Semper lighting sets the mood | Discover the craftsmanship

*In partnership with Tom Raffield*

Dedicated craftsman Tom Raffield has designed Semper, a new multifunctional lighting collection with tilting layers that create a shifting form. 

New for spring 2022, the Semper lighting range is the first in Tom Raffield’s offering that features a pivoting, fully adjustable plywood frame. This detail in the design means the direction and levels of the light can be altered accordingly. 

Sempere’s adjustable frame allows a single light to provide directional lighting, perfect for a cosy reading spot

Tom’s fascination with steam bending allows him to create the intricate curves and twists in his designs, and this lighting collection allowed for further experimentation with this ecological technique. Each light is handcrafted from sustainably sourced ash, oak, or walnut, and features a centralised, cylindrical wooden frame secured by a solid brass axis and two rotating outer timber layers. 

“Our homes support us through our ever-changing daily routines, and we seek to provide beautiful pieces that enhance our everyday, making each moment extraordinary through striking design,” says founder Tom Raffield.

Up close, the beauty of the craftsmanship shines through and the tactility and the rich wooden shade brings out character in the design

The Semper pendant is not only adaptable in design but it is versatile in its size, available in a small version too. This compact size can be used in smaller spaces and it makes an impact as a standalone piece, or a series of pendants can hang together to create more impact. 

In a choice of oak, walnut, or ash, the Semper pendant exudes natural beauty and is a beautiful addition anywhere in the home

“The pendant can be positioned to eclipse its bulb by aligning all three layers in a horizontal ‘drum’ formation for a dramatic downlight, or angled to guide focused beams of light by tilting each section to release a bright, directional display wherever you need it.”

Prices start from £195 for the small Semper Pendant and from £255 for the regular size.

For a cosy ambience, the plywood layers can be adjusted to dim the light level and bring a gentle warmth to your bedroom

Shop the Spring 2022 Semper lighting collection and see more designs, including the stylish Green Range of planters, by Tom Raffield online.

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