Sora House | Carbon neutral home prefabricated by Koto

Sora House is an energy-neutral house by Koto, now available for order and fabrication in the UK

Koto has introduced Sora House in the UK, adding to its offering of sustainable modular buildings and furthering its aim to actively contribute to carbon reduction. 

Built off-site using locally sourced timbers, the design-led modular building comes in 2, 3, and 4 bedroom variations with turnkey delivery and installation available. Drawing on the familiar Scandinavian style with minimalist interiors and a sense of quiet luxury, Sora House embraces the serenity of off-grid living. 

Koto work with high-end Scandinavian and UK furniture and lighting brands to source aesthetically pleasing products for the interiors

The sustainably sourced timber structure allows carbon dioxide to be captured in the fabric of the building, actively removing it from the atmosphere to create a carbon-neutral home. 

Johnathon Little, founding partner at Koto, explains that this is “a strategic approach to help slow the impact of climate change.” The architect-designed homes are built with modular construction methods to minimise waste, use less energy, and reduce construction time. 

Koto designs and curates interiors and also collaborates with sustainable and ethical brands, meaning that you can ensure your home is decorated beautifully and with minimal environmental impact. Embracing the ‘less is more’ approach is all part of the appeal of off-grid living, or simply just a way to enjoy living more sustainably, and this we can all commend. 

Prices for the Sora House start from £200,000. 

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