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With its generous proportions, it’s easy to take the weight off your feet on the woven Paros modular sofa by Jean Marie-Massaud. *In partnership with Leisure Plan*

It’s no secret that spending time outdoors can boost our wellbeing, and the new-season furniture collections from Leisure Plan are sure to bring comfort to your laid-back lounging.

When spring arrives it’s time to think about resetting your outdoor space, whether it be creating a peaceful corner in your garden or designing a dining and entertaining area. For 2022, Dedon has launched two new laid-back collections called Paros and Roii, Ego Paris has introduced mesh-back chairs to its Marumi range. 

Drawing on the Japanese word Mar umi, meaning ‘beautiful circle, roundness’, the Marumi chairs have an elegantly curved silhouette. Designer Thomas Sauvage has used powder coated aluminium to create the functional yet beautiful lightweight frame. He is known for his work with luxury outdoor furniture company Ego Paris and the way he creates expressive minimalist designs. 

Incorporating a slim armrest, the Roii side chairs are fully woven and available in two distinct weaving styles and an eye-catching mix of colours and patterns. Benjamin Baum has given a nod to luxury outdoor brand Dedon’s hand-weaving heritage and uses this artisanal tradition in a playful way. The chair is not only durable and comfortable, but also stackable and easy to move around. 

Enveloping you in comfort, the Mbarq seating features wrap-around backrests and a semi-transparent weave for a stylish finish

Defining outdoors areas in which to rest, work, or socialise is easy to do with the addition of soft furnishings and add further touches of luxury with tables, lighting, and perhaps a hanging chair. A staple in the collection by Dedon is Mbarq, designed by Sebastian Herkner, with sumptuous deep seating and a padded footstool. There’s solitude to be found in pausing to enjoy a good book or a morning coffee whilst immersed in nature. 

If you want your outdoor furniture to seamlessly fit into your space and become part of the landscape, then Paros (pictured above, top) is a natural choice. This woven modular lounge system comes in a variety of options, with left and right modules and corner designs that can give structure to your terrace or patio. 

There’s something soothing about sitting back and admiring the view. The Kida hanging lounge chair, designed by Stephen Burks for Dedon, is organically shaped for a warm embrace

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