Reinventing a printing house | Normann Copenhagen HQ

A reinvented printing house dating back to 1936 has been revealed as the new Normann Copenhagen HQ in the heart of Denmark’s capital city.

Spanning seven floors, the entire renovation was undertaken by Normann Copenhagen who worked with the idea of reinvention to transform the space. Visitors will be able to explore a curated display of the brand’s collection from well-known favourites to freshly launched designs. 

The reinforced concrete ceilings, originally constructed to carry the weight of the heavy printing press machines, have been re-exposed to add architectural character to the space. An innovative acoustic solution made from recycled paper complements the original materials and gives a nod to the building’s past.

“A large part of the design process was to create a common language between the classic yet raw architecture and the modern refinement of our collection,” comment Normann Copenhagen. 

As you move throughout the headquarters from floor to floor, the overall colour scheme changes to form distinct looks. This creates an exciting experience with plenty of inspiration for visitors to discover across the three floors of combined flagship store and showroom.

Soft wall colours such as mint green, opulent blue, and cool grey are contrasted by rich red walls in the vestibule and on the railing leading up the stairs. The unique identity of each floor is sure to create a lasting memory in the minds of each visitor.

In addition to the store galleries, Normann Copenhagen HQ also houses the design studio and workshop where all the new ideas happen. Beyond the green courtyard on the ground floor there’s a versatile and vibrant courtyard gallery that is a perfect hosting space for events and exhibitions. 

Normann Copenhagen HQ is now open and welcomes all visitors.

Learn more about Normann Copenhagen HQ and its opening hours. 

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