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Bathroom design brand, VitrA recently expanded the Plural collection in collaboration with the Milan-based American designer, Terri Pecora. 

This impressive range not only celebrates wellness and self care, but illustrates the importance of this everyday space. Inspired by ‘the heritage of communal bathing spaces and rituals’, VitrA and Terri Pecora have devised a collection that brings a more sociable note to the bathroom, allowing it to become a new, reinvented heart of the home where individuals can reconnect with themselves and others.

Plural bathroom range

“The Plural collection celebrates a new modern ritual, a contemporary version of shared bathing spaces. I like to call it ’shared intimacy’.” Terri Pecora

Plural bathroom range

The designs themselves reinterpret the traditional bathroom layout. The soft, organic-shaped curves that flow throughout the collection and free-standing furniture come together to create an informal sense of space, that reflects the sociable nature of the Plural range. All elements of the collection can be used in multiple combinations and rearranged and layered to provide an easy, dynamic symphony of pieces that will only help to enhance your daily routine. We particularly like how some basins can be regrouped at the centre of a room, extending this idea of social behaviour in the bathroom space and mirroring the idea of communal basins found in public washing spaces. 

“At VitrA, we wanted to create a new methodology that responds to the recent evolution of the bathroom ritual. We focused on the time spent in the bathroom and our interaction within the space rather than the products. This investigation led us to work with Terri Pecora on the design of the Plural collection, which reinterprets the bathroom as a social hub.” Erdem Akan, Design Director, VitrA 

Plural Bathroom collection

The sociable thread that runs throughout is woven with aspects of domesticity and warmth, balancing this dynamic new take on the traditional space. A neutral colour palette is paired with American walnut wood and, once teamed with fresh greenery and the mirror that comes with the range, instantly brings the space to life. 

On top of this, the collection delivers three new innovative syphon solutions to the table too. The first allows for ceramic basins to be placed at alternative angles to previous conventional positioning by walls, allowing for users to face each other. The second syphon development has been specifically created to enable washbasins to be mounted in an open bathroom space while still maintaining a contemporary, clean, minimal feel. The final innovation allows for the fitting of column basins at free angles, rather than the usual 90° angle to the wall. 

The options, it appears, are endless

Plural Bathroom collection design

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