‘No New Product’ furniture campaign | Launched by Grain

The ‘No New Product’ campaign is putting a spotlight on responsible furniture

Pioneering a new approach, the founders of Grain have announced a ‘No New Product’ campaign in a bid to tackle the detrimental impact that fast furniture is having on our planet. 

Co-founders of the sustainable furniture brand, Robin Tyler and Tom Allen have made the responsible decision to not release any new products before Christmas this year. Instead, they’re focusing on their existing products and want to take the time to answer questions from customers on anything from responsible furniture, fair pricing, circular design, and more.

Co-founders of Grain, Robin Tyler (pictured left) and Tom Allen (right) in the furniture workshop

“Part of being a responsible business is being completely up front with the customer. If we can’t provide a product or service, we won’t pretend we can. What’s more important is that we share the things that we are doing and ask the customer to hold us accountable for the promises we make,” says Tom Allen, co-founder and CEO.

This honest and upfront approach is refreshing to see and can only be a positive step in showing us all that truly sustainable furniture is responsible from every angle. What Grain has set out to do from the very beginning, when Tom and Robin set the company up in 2017, is to make sustainable furniture that meets human and environmental needs rather than submit to market demand. 

With the ‘No New Product’ campaign the highlight is on ‘responsible furniture’ and making a stand for quality craftsmanship and longevity in design – an environmentally conscious step forward. 

Find out more about Grain’s responsible furniture product range.

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