Mecanoo plans ‘green artery’ for Amsterdam | Amstel Design District

Extensive planted areas, pocket parks, and rooftop terraces shape the ‘green artery’ of Amstel Design District, the new mixed-use development by Mecanoo. 

The Dutch architecture studio has unveiled the future-orientated project in Amsterdam that is a scheme for a living and working community, including housing, public outdoor spaces, co-working spaces, and a design museum. 

Inside and outside, work and private life flow into one another and encourage a lively atmosphere

With a flexible framework, the six buildings designed for the 80,000-square-metre project are composed of stacked volumes and, while they will each vary in appearance, each structure will have a staggered form. This formation creates designated pockets for outdoor ‘green retreats’, where residents and visitors can relax and play. 

As its located between a highway and metro line, Amstel Design District will become a significant addition to the city providing a full range of facilities and a diverse, inclusive, and sustainable community. Where some structures will be built entirely from wood, others will be built from a combination of steel and wood, or concrete and wood. 

Residential, work, and retail spaces are accommodated in the new design district masterplan

With a sense of wellbeing and social inclusion at its centre, the development seeks to “integrate and enhance the in-between spaces for informal meetings and chance encounters,” as the Mecanoo design team explains. 

“We aim to create a healthy flow between work and life, individual and collective spaces for the residents. This results in a new district that embraces work-life effectiveness for the community with shared spaces for physical fitness, family time or hobbies.”

Described by Mecanoo as “future-orientated”, Amstel Design Distict will house a mix of social housing, mid-rent residential and private sector homes, as well as also accommodating office and co-working spaces and an 800-square-metre design museum. This masterplan integrates adaptability to ensure long-term resiliency and flexibility. 

Patios and planted rooftops, referred to as ‘green retreats’, punctuate the working environments and allow for a direct connection to nature – something that is quite often lost in city workplaces. Green roofs incorporate solar panels and provide water retention, whilst enhancing biodiversity. 

Project details:

Project name: Amstel Design District

Location: Overamstel, 1097 RJ Amsterdam

Size: 80,000 m2

Status: Under development

Design team: Mecanoo and KettingHuls

Client: Connecting Concepts BV

Visuals: Courtesy of Mecanoo

Green roofs bring nature closer to the residents and visitors

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