Karimoku Case Study Collection | Released at AXIS Gallery, Tokyo

At the AXIS Gallery, Tokyo, contemporary Japan-based lifestyle brand Karimoku Case Study has recently unveiled its first collection alongside a carefully curated array of other artists. 

Created “out of admiration and love for serene beauty, material richness and timeless appeal”, the contemporary lifestyle brand brings forth collections collaborated on with some of the world’s leading architects and brands. Called the Case Study collections, these are carefully brought to life via leading architects through individual cases, and the story of each is told through its native setting. Kick-starting this new array of collections is Keiji Ashizawa Design and Norm Architects.

With a proud dedication to quality as Japan’s leading manufacturer, Karimoku Case Study strives for the upmost craftsmanship and design, proof of their devotion and love for wood. All collaborating studios are encouraged to use and include the best possible materials for their case collections, maintaining the brand’s high standards throughout and, most importantly, creating a design that stands the test of time and lasts. 

“Real, honest and quality materials touch us on a deeper level, and thoughtful design last a lifetime. That’s our goal with this brand and collaboration; to reconnect with nature through materials, and to create designs that last.” Norm Architects

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Mario Hirama



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