Kaldewei | Introducing the Superplan Zero shower surface

Superplan Zero, created by Berlin designer Werner Aisslinger, is a new and impressive shower surface by Kaldewei made from glass and 100% recyclable steel enamel. 

The sleek aesthetic and contemporary simplicity of Superplan Zero are expressed in its precise lines and seamless joints. Installed at floor level, the shower surface is an unobtrusive design that becomes part of the bathroom floor. 

A notable feature of this new shower surface is that it can be easily accessed from three sides, without the need for steps, fitting into the overall appearance of the floor without any height difference. The waste is placed close to the wall so that standing comfortably and moving safely on the Superplan Zero is guaranteed. 

Choosing a 100% recyclable steel enamel base was a conscious decision to ensure the surface is extremely long-lasting. The exquisite glass surface is applied to the steel using a special process and this is what gives it such a luxurious finish. Kaldewei is the only steel enamel manufacturer that produces the enamel, i.e. the basic substance for the glass coating, in-house and using a secret formulation for top quality. 

Easy to integrate into any contemporary bathroom and tile pattern, Superplan Zero by is available in over 50 different dimensions from 70 to 180 centimetres, diverse surface variations and a wide range of colours. So, whether in large or small bathrooms, building owners, planners and installers have full flexibility.   

The shower surface is available with the almost invisible, anti-slip surface finish Secure Plus, upon request. It is also 100% compatible with all the sealing sets, assembly systems and waste fittings from Kaldewei, so you can customise your bathroom to your needs. 

For the launch of Superplan Zero, Kaldewei wanted to show off the impressive quality of the surface. Renowned musician and photographer Bryan Adams captured the powerful movements of professional dancers as they performed on the Superplan Zero “stage”, showing how the precious steel enamel can bring “sensual serenity”, as Kaldewei call it, to any bathing space (pictured below).

Explore the Superplan Zero bathroom surface by Kaldewei in more detail. 

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