Inaugural Charlotte Perriand Award | Architect David Adjaye commended

Portrait of award-winning architect David Adjaye. Photo by Ed Reeve

Acclaimed British-Ghanian architect David Adjaye has been named as the first recipient of the Charlotte Perriand Award at the Créateurs Design Awards 2022. 

The Award is the first of its kind, in memory of the iconic French architect and designer Charlotte Perriand, recognises Adjaye for “the important mark he has already made on the architecture world”, as a design trailblazer and one of the leading architects of his generation. 

Emphasising how grateful he is for the honour, especially as he considered Perriand to be one of his role models, the Adjaye Associates founder said: “She was really expansive in thinking about what the profession could be and understood the role of designers in their responsibility toward making the 21st century as beautiful and as empowering and as edifying [as possible] for people of all races – and for our human civilisation to thrive.”

Smithsonian National Museum of Africa American History and Culture. Photo by Nic Lehoux

The new award marks the first time that the Perriand family has allowed her name to be used beyond her immediate work, and it is fitting that it should be received by Adjaye who the family believe shares similar values. In her comments Perriand’s daughter, Pernette Perriand-Barsac said: “When I read [Adjaye’s] words in the press or his approach that he describes on social networks, I see how great their proximity is, to the point that a real dialogue takes place beyond time.”

Le Prix Charlotte Perriand, or the Charlotte Perriand Award, was founded by the Créateurs Design Association & Awards (CDA) in 2022 and will be granted annually going forward. It was established with the aim to celebrate extraordinary accomplishments in the architecture, interior design, and product design fields. 

Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO. Photo by Nikolay Sachkov

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