Framery teams up with Logitech | Designing all-in-one workspaces

Workplace industry pioneer Framery has partnered with innovative digital tech company Logitech to bring the latest connected video call technology into its soundproof office pods. 

Keeping up with the ever-evolving hybrid working world and combining their expertise, Framery and Logitech have put their focus on designing all-in-one workspaces which bring seamless video conferencing technology into a comfortable and noiseproof space. 

From the one-person Framery One to the Framery Q, which is designed to fit four to six people, each pod can be integrated with Logitech’s video conferencing technology, including webcams, control panels, and docking stations.

“As human beings, we are always searching for richer interactions with one another,” comments Lasse Karvinen, head of products at Framery. 

“The Framery and Logitech partnership equips employees with seamless interaction both in-person and remotely. The pods are already designed for quality discussions in a soundproof environment, and we can now provide sound insulation for full-speech privacy and clear audio during teleconferencing with Logitech products.”

What else is included in these tech-forward pods? Well, they’re well-equipped with power and USB ports, cloud connectivity or hardwired broadband, and calendar integration including Microsoft Teams access.

Everything has been considered, down to the last details, with the very practical height adjustable workstations, touchscreen controls, filtered air ventilation, and adaptable LED lighting from above – ideal for always looking your best on video calls! 

The Framery pods can now be integrated with Logitech’s meeting room and desktop products

Prices start at around £10,000 and each pod can be configured as you like, right down to the choice of carpet. For more information, visit

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