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Fora Form

“Through innovation and good design, Fora Form will create good interactions where people will meet in the future as well.” Fora Form

With a history dating back to 1929, Fora Form is one of Scandinavia’s largest furniture manufacturers for social areas and meeting places. Wielding a vision to create successful interaction in areas where people meet – be it where people “eat together, work together, breathe together and experience together” – Fora Form is dedicated to improving public environments for the better. 

Fora Form

Since the 1950s Fora Form has utilised design as a strategic tool to create and curate good meeting places in public environments. With a belief that Nordic values shape the furniture, and that the designs transfer values like democracy, equality, and trust into the meeting places, the brand strives to increase well-being,  improved culture, and an increased level of innovation in organisations with the implementation of their carefully designed furniture. 

Fora Form

With a heritage of creating flourishing meeting places since the 70’s, Fora Form greatly believe in the power of great interactions and continue to strive to nurture those interactions with the development of their products. Their unique designs (be it the Copenhagen Chair or Senso Alcove) are built with the aim of inspiring interactions based on values such as sustainability, knowledge, equality and democracy. 

Fora Form

For Fora Form, quality and environmental factors go hand-in-hand, and together blend to maintain and create a long-lasting, sustainably manufactured product. 


Exhibitor: Fora Form


Instagram: @foraform1929

Contact: Alice Breed


Tel: 07971 693129

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