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Recognised across the industry for their exclusive seating solutions and furniture, Oslo-based design brand, Flokk has a clear vision: to “inspire great work.” 


As a European market leader in the design, development and craftsmanship of workplace furniture, Flokk owns furniture brands HÅG, RH, BMA, Offecct, Profim, Giroflex and RBM and operates as a house of brands, managing and growing a unique design portfolio which is present in 15 markets across four continents. With roots in Scandinavia, the brand are dedicated to providing businesses and their workplaces with seating solutions that inspire, aid the creation of friendly, sociable work spaces and, most importantly, are sustainable. Their mission is to help other businesses and their employees to fulfill their full potential in the working environment. 


As a brand, Flokk manages every aspect of the business, from discovery through design, to sourcing, manufacturing, sales and customer service. Human beings are truly at the beating heart of this business, enabling Flokk to listen to every customer and pursue their ultimate goal: the design and creation of beautiful and sustainable furniture that has a positive impact on human health. 

Flokk has a long tradition as a pioneer in the field of sustainability. The brand continually strives to be an environmentally conscious market leader whose circular products, services and processes are resource and energy-efficient, generate minimum greenhouse gas emissions, do not present a risk to health or the environment and result in minimal waste generation. Each and every Flokk design is crafted according to a concept the brand calls 5III – five circular design principles on III Focus areas that come together to create one sustainable lifecycle. 


Exhibitor: Flokk 

Website: flokk.com

Instagram: @flokk_design

Contact: Jane Thomson

Email: jane.thomson@flokk.com

Tel: 020 8683 9930

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