Explore the first Fritz Hansen Stay | Pop-up hotel in Seoul

Fritz Hansen Stay is a pop-up hotel in the Gahoe-dong district of central Seoul with tranquil interiors

Fritz Hansen Stay, a tranquil pop-up retreat in the Gahoe-dong district of Seoul, invites guests to experience the fusion of Danish and Korean design inside the converted Fritz Hansen showroom

Design savvy travellers can discover the wondrous interiors of traditional hanok-style building, built at the end of the 19th century, and look out across the awe-inspiring views that span across the mountainous landscape. The 85 square-metre retreat stays true to its roots, maintaining organic, flowing spaces, with a curated selection of Fritz Hansen furniture and lighting designs incorporated to create the interior mood. 

Emphasis is placed on slow living, Danish tea is served as a welcome drink as guests check in and incense and music chosen to captivate and relax all the senses. The idea, Fritz Hansen explain, is that guests should “feel a little touch of Denmark in a Korean house with soft, low light, lounge chairs such as PK20 and Swan, encouraging relaxation and a slower pace.”

In the lounge, statement pieces from the contemporary Poul Kjærholm furniture collection are arranged to offer views of the peaceful Bukchon Hanok Village, giving a taste of the surrounding neighbourhood. The traditional characteristics of the hanok have been used to their advantage, with the arrangement of spaces creating a cohesive movement between indoors and outdoors. Other modern Danish additions such as the PK80 daybed and a modern Clam lamp made of glass, also gently embrace the space and bring a welcoming feel to the rooms.

Shoji paper dresses the windows for an added layer of privacy

The transient feel between design cultures and flow between the rooms is also created through the finer details. Shoji paper screens are a traditional Japanese architectural feature, and the thick, translucent paper acts as a curtain for privacy. The artistic detailing found here and in the wooden tiled roof, contrasts the clean lines of the Scandinavian furniture but at the same time complements it harmoniously. 

To enhance the cultural experience, the stay will offer a range of one-on-one classes such as singing ball meditation, Ikebana floral workshops, and traditional Korean wrapping classes. The Fritz Hansen Stay is open to guests for a limited time only, between 16th November and 21st December this year.

Views over Gahoe-dong and surrounding mountains

Make a reservation to stay at the Jamyungseosil hanok and see more Danish furniture inspiration by Fritz Hansen.

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