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Elpo Air

Grown and nurtured by a team of botanists, microbiologists, ventilation engineers, functional designers, public health specialists and coders, Elpo (the Latvian word for ‘breathe’) is an innovative air biofilter designed to purify and humidify indoor air, improving the indoor environment.

Elpo Air

Cleverly utilising the power of nature to purify and humidify indoor air, Elpo’s biophilic designs and projects artfully blend nature, technology and science to treat the indoor world. In the design of a green wall, these smart air biofiltration systems intelligently salvage the indoor environment from polluted air and are an aesthetically pleasing way of doing so. 

Elpo Air

ELPO is an eco-futurist spin-off of the leading Latvian ventilation system experts LAFIVENTS who have been providing energy-efficient and breathing-friendly building microclimates since 1996,” the brand explains. “We have gathered our air quality experts and breathing know-how in projects as large and intricate as the Latvian National Library, Latvian Art museum and Pauls Stradins Clinical University Hospital.” 


Exhibitor: Elpo Air

Website: elpo.services

Instagram: @elpo_services

Contact: ELPO

Email: lola@elpo.services

Tel: +37 129548150

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