Eat & Speak | Alicante, Spain

Eat & Speak restaurant

Discover Eat & Speak, the restaurant to disconnect and socialise in while emerging yourself in the space’s carefully curated environment inspired by Mid-Century forms, luxe metallic details and a dynamic lighting design by Vibia

Situated in the centre of the Spanish coastal city, Alicante, Eat & Speak was engineered by Caliz Vazquez Arquitecto. With its cosy, sociable atmosphere, elegant wood floors and unique interior design choices, this is a restaurant that effortlessly breathes style, especially when it comes to its lighting design choices. 

Eat & Speak feature Vibia light

Embodying the spirit of the interior and reflecting its refined elegance is the architect’s main lighting choice from Vibia: the Flamingo pendant lamp (designed by Antoni Arola). Echoing Mid-Century forms, alongside a contemporary edge, the Flamingo pendant lamp is made up of a series of floating discs instinctively grounded by polished gold hardware and a dimmable LED source. 

Eat & Speak restaurant in Spain

The light takes centre stage within the restaurant space, indicating spots where people can gather together and sit around large group tables, following on from Eat & Speak’s – and Caliz Vazquez Arquitectos’ – mission to join people together. 

As a multi-disciplinary firm, Caliz Vazquez Arquitectos are always aiming to create spaces which improve people’s health and quality of life, be it within the home, a business or a workplace. 

Vibia Flamingo pendant light

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Vibia Flamingo pendant light design

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