Customisable lighting design: Tube | By VIBIA

Contemporary designer lighting brand, VIBIA has unveiled a new, customisable lighting design: Tube, designed by Ichiro Iwasaki

This modular, slick customisable lighting creation consists of a network of simple tubes that work by cleverly channeling light to different shades. The modern design and minimalist concept lends itself perfectly to our current desire for more flexible and customisable lighting. 

“The lighting system channels the light extending horizontally and vertically to different heights in a fluid fashion.” Ichiro Iwasaski 

Users will delight in the industrial feel of the concept, as well as how steel conduits weave their way across the ceiling space, echoing the lines of a metro map. Connecting up to four LED-powered shades – which can be positioned as desired – purchasers are also able to choose between a variety of sizes and four shades of grey when it comes to Tube, as well as adjustable heights in relation to the design’s pendant and ceiling styles. 

Here at enki we particularly like the customisable aspect of Tube which enables the user to combine together the ceiling and pendant fixtures in a dynamic, streamlined design. This, in turn, allows for a general all-over glow of light as well as a point of focus. The hybrid styles easily complement each other and will instantly draw the viewer’s eye when entering the room. 

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