Countdown to COP27 | A ‘watershed moment’ on climate action

United Nations flag flying in preparation for the 2022 Climate Change Conference (COP27). Photo credit: United Nations

As COP27 fast approaches, a new report from UN Climate Change reveals that world efforts remain insufficient to limit global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees by 2030. 

The report claims that “the combined climate pledges of 193 Parties under the Paris Agreement could put the world on track for around 2.5 degrees Celsius of warming by the end of the century”. Although there is a downwards bending of the curve revealing a gradual decline in global greenhouse emissions, further action is needed and climate commitments across the globe need to be strengthened with urgency. 

“The downward trend in emissions expected by 2030 shows that nations have made some progress this year,” said Simon Stiell, Executive Secretary of UN Climate Change. 

“But the science is clear and so are our climate goals under the Paris Agreement. We are still nowhere near the scale and pace of emission reductions required to put us on track toward a 1.5 degrees Celsius world. To keep this goal alive, national governments need to strengthen their climate action plans now and implement them in the next eight years.”

The COP27 climate change conference will be hosted in Egypt’s city Sharm El-Sheikh, from 6th-18th November 2022, and it will seek renewed solidarity between world leaders and countries. 

“COP27 will be the world’s watershed moment on climate action,” said Sameh Shoukry, Egyptian Minister of Foreign Affairs and COP27 President-Designate. 

“The report from UN Climate Change and before that from the IPCC are a timely reminder for all of us. Raising ambition and urgent implementation is indispensable for addressing the climate crisis. This includes cutting and removing emissions faster and at wider scope of economic sectors, to protect us from more severe adverse climate impacts and devastating loss and damage.”

An informal Leaders’ Roundtable on Climate Action in New York, USA. Photo credit: UN Photo/Manuel Elías

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