Cosentino | New Dekton® Slim

The Cosentino Group, known for their innovative surface design for architecture and design have unveiled the new Dekton® Slim 4mm thick surface for select colours.

The original Dekton® by Cosentino is an ultra compact surface with a variety of practical advantages  which include being resistant to UV rays, scratches, stains, thermal shock and having very low water absorption. This durable surface is not only easy to maintain but has the potential for both indoor and outdoor use. 

The compact surface brand is therefore making waves with its new, and much thinner, Dekton® Slim surface. Not only is it much lighter and more manageable when it comes to installation, but it flaunts all of the Dekton® technical and mechanical features that the original product is known for. The reduced thickness and weight means that the Dekton® Slim is ideal for everything from high-performance wall cladding, to kitchen and bathroom furniture. 

The new lightweight design solution was built and developed in response to a demand for more creative possibilities within varying rooms of the home. Retaining the benefits of the standard Dekton®, the new lighter Slim design ensures that there are fewer joints in the bathroom, making for easier cleaning. In the kitchen, it works well for minimalist kitchen designs in the form of hardwearing table tops, cupboard doors, splashback designs and wall cladding. As well as all of the above aesthetic and practical benefits, the Dekton® Slim is also available at a lower price point allowing for money to be saved on installation. 

The new Dekton® Slim is available in Opera, Zenith, Sirocco, Kelya, Sirius and Kreta, and starts from £75 per square metre.

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