EBBA Architects remodels warehouse | Loft apartment with a difference
Oslo Science City is green at heart | Ambitious innovation district
Don’t Move, Improve! 2022 shortlist | London’s best renovations
SOA Architekti reconstruct Cherry Tree House | Layout for urban living
Peris+Toral Arquitectes build big with timber | A sustainable framework
Pitched roofs form new point of view | Crafted extension by Magri Williams
Marc Thorpe Design to build eco homes in Africa | Using compressed earth
Green roof hides Villa Aa | On Norway’s historic farmland
Wiercinski Studio reuse shipping crates | Portable house
Kampus district elevates city’s diversity |  Vibrant canalside
Four-volume Riverside House | Regenerating heritage site
Home on the ranch | Hacker Architects revives 70s condo
Sleep under the stars | Glass cabin retreat by Manta North
Invitation to Vipp Studio NYC | Stylish live-in showroom
Larch-built cottage inspired by ship cabin | Close quarters

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