Green-roofed Gurdau Winery emerges from terrain | Passive design
StudioAC creates solar-orientated retreat | A place for sky-gazing
Of Architecture designs modern coastal home | Material-rich design
Loader Monteith designs low-energy Equine House | Efficient plan
Appels Architekten sculpts home of wooden cubes | Private retreat
Compartment S4 constructs urban farmer’s home | Nature-first plan
ByOthers constructs corten steel-clad Garden Studio | Eco build
ROAR Architects crafts kit-of-parts home | Vaulted extension
Forgeworks crafts A House for Sunday Lunch | Making connections
Artefact reveals retrofit of 1980s house | Low-carbon design
Timmins + Whyte designs ‘folding’ roof extension | Bringing light in
Clayworks uses ‘building biology’ principles | Healthy home design
Studio McW revives stone-built Follyfield | Modern gable extensions
Corner Fold House converts narrow plot | Space-efficient urban infill
Ménard Dworkind reinvents architect-designed home | New heights

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