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The new Metropolitan collection has arrived from Caesarstone, and with it five incredible new colours that effortlessly reflect the UK’s penchant for industrial style…

New arrivals include the 4046 Excava surface, 4011 Cloudburst Concrete, 4024 Airy Concrete, 4023 Topus Concrete and 4601 Frozen Terra, each designed and manufactured using proprietary technology unique to the brand.

We love the industrial approach the brand has taken with the new line. Rough and unpolished, each of the carefully designed surfaces have been created to reflect the authentic textures of raw manufacturing including oxidised steel, poured plaster and beautifully raw concrete. Each surface has been created with the brand’s exclusive innovative cutting-edge technology, where weathered patinas have been achieved in quartz for the very first time.

Caesarstone continues to set surface design trends that others can only follow. Last year’s reveal of 4033 Rugged Concrete was a significant hit with both commercial and residential designers; numerous projects and a number of awards followed but what the launch really did was set the tone for the Metropolitan Collection that we are unveiling now. The brands’ deserved reputation for product design innovation continues without challenge. Caesarstone works with the world’s leading trend forecasters and the in-house design team are acutely aware of what’s becoming in vogue and when. The Metropolitan Collection, as well as comprising perhaps the most visually arresting surface designs available on the market today, is highly commercial and keenly priced. Many of our leading partners that already have display materials in their showrooms are seeing significant interest.” Caesarstone UK VP Marketing, Jon Stanley

We also love that each individual slab is one of a kind and has its own depth and movement, reflecting the authentic path the brand has taken in its approach to the line.

Caesarstone has also introduced two further products which are separates to the Metropolitan Collection: 6011 Intense White and 4643 Flannel Grey. Both of which are priced in the brand’s Premium Group 2 category.

The new collection is available nationally now.

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All images are sourced from Caesarstone.

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