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Choose a Baufritz timber frame prefab house this coming 2019 and realise your own high quality, sustainable dream home… 

There’s never been a better time to consider building your own home and if you choose a prefab home from Baufritz the advantages are overwhelming. The family firm has been building timber-framed houses in Germany for more than a century. In the UK, they’re known for their eco homes of exceptional quality which combine an unrivalled level of comfort and luxury with an abundance of natural materials. Baufritz is committed to building homes that minimise adverse effects on both the environment and the well-being of those who occupy them.  They thoroughly support national and European reforestation programmes and ensure that the environment is protected throughout the building process of each house. Baufritz does not use chemically treated building materials and makes regular tests to ensure they are not present. 

Each and every house is prefabricated at the brand’s state of the art factory in Southern Germany before being shipped to the UK.

“At Baufritz, we place your dream home well within your grasp. Specialists in all kinds of timber frame houses, with a consistent emphasis on eco-friendly home building, we are committed to providing you with the best solutions for your new timber frame house. From high-tech eco houses for streamlined living to sustainably built houses that are ideal for a growing family, we will be happy to meet your needs with a bespoke design, building and service. We also have a fantastic collection of prefabricated houses that will enable you to effortlessly enjoy the benefits of environmentally friendly living. No two of our homes look the same, and in this way, we reflect the individual needs and lifestyles of the homeowners and our build times are often less than one week.”

Did you know?

  • Baufritz have been pioneering ecological homebuilding for over 100 years.
  • A standard house takes a week to manufacture in the state–of-the art factory in Germany before being shipped to the UK and prices start at £600,000 depending on specification and project. 
  • All materials are sourced locally to the factor. Baufritz do not use any chemical treatment to the wood, so they can achieve an ecological product.
  • The house you choose would be designed by a Baufritz architect/designer and the price agreed and quoted for the build is fixed. 
  • Everything is meticulously planned with great attention to detail.
  • All materials are used so there is minimal wastage, even the sawdust shavings are used for installation in the build. They are treated against fire damage so that they can be used as a cavity filler and treated with two natural additives which are mixed and added thus creating an environment to kill off fungi pesticides etc and can be returned and recycled back to nature, without any toxic waste. Contractors do not need to wear gloves or masks as all the products are made from natural sources.
  • Baufritz work with building biologists and environmental specialists to provide the healthiest possible living environment, particularly for allergy sufferers.
  • Baufritz homes are exported all over Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the UK and the UK currently being the biggest export market.

As Baufritz´s UK CEO Oliver Rehm points out: “ Our houses show our passion for, and expertise in, sustainable, prefabricated design, evident in a combination of practical, simple and deliverable design features that make homes of exceptional quality whilst at the same time bringing together the most comprehensive range of energy-saving features in a thoughtful assembly of light-filled spaces, suited to 21st century living.”

Go on, log on to Baufritz here and start building a home of the future. 

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