Bert’s Box gives dimension to prefabricated living | Design meets function

Factory built within 14 weeks, the Bert’s Box has been conceived by Box 9 Design and Bert & May as an eco-friendly and affordable living space. 

It’s often we when outgrow our homes or our living needs change that moving or extending seem like the only options, but a modular addition such as the Bert’s Box opens up another possibility. Standing at two-and-a-half metres high, the architect-designed spaces are British made and built by expert craftsmen, and come in a choice of four sizes from a Study Box to a two-bedroom Box. 

The boxes are built with high performance SIPs (structurally insulated panels) along with handmade or reclaimed materials to ensure minimal waste and maximum efficiency

Not simply just for working, the Boxes are also a brilliant solution to add additional bedrooms and living space to a home without having to get permission for an extension. The Bert’s Box (pictured here, located in Windsor) belongs to interior designer Nicola Oaten, founder of Bear René design, who desired not only a home office but more relaxed living areas too.

“When designing the original concept for the Boxes, we felt strongly that we wanted to create something innovative with a raw, yet refined aesthetic and were delighted to work with Bert & May, who are also committed to exceptional materials, and the finest craftsmanship with sustainability at their core. Our collection of Bert’s Boxes is thoughtfully designed, environmentally friendly, and technologically advanced, connecting the owner back with nature,” commented Lou Davies, Box 9 Design. 

An open-plan kitchen and living area combines rustic textures with a soft concrete worktop for a natural, lived-in look

Full-height Crittall-style windows and doors complement the reclaimed timber-built structure, and let natural light flow into the modern cabin-like space. Also, depending on the options you choose, Bert’s Boxes can be made with beautiful reclaimed flooring, they can have a green roof planted with wildflowers, and solar panels to supply carbon-friendly energy.

It’s a tranquil escape that doesn’t involve leaving your home, and this luxurious ‘garden room’ offers the opportunity to put your own stamp on how it looks and feels. The interiors can be personalised with a curated range of finishes and fittings, including reclaimed and handmade materials which add an inviting and tactile touch. 

The reclaimed oak cladding paired with Bert & May’s handmade encaustic tiles creates a timeless raw yet refined aesthetic. “We worked closely with the team at Box 9 to offer a collection of core and premium tiles, and we can also source reclaimed tiles for customers looking to create a truly unique design,” said Lee Thornley, founder at Bert & May.

Bert’s Boxes are technically classified as mobile homes and therefore no planning permission is required subject to planning laws. The starting price is £117,600 for a Studio Box.

Discover the architects behind Bert’s Box, Box 9 Design, and find out how to buy one of the modular home designs.

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