aux box | Parksville Canada

If it’s a space to focus in that you seek, or merely more space, the aux box is an affordable solution for both.

Co-founders Morgan Seeber and Landon Check established aux box with the belief that a dedicated, beautifully designed, architectural space is paramount for the successful practice and pursuit of one’s hobbies or work. Requiring no building permits – and built at and delivered by aux box inc. – this fuss-free, aesthetically pleasing design is not only simple, but customisable too, allowing for personalisation of space dependent on your craft.

Ideal for the freelancer who doesn’t like a long commute, not only will the aux box bring the ideal working space right to your doorstep, but it actually increases a home’s value too.

Visitors can discover the full aux box experience with the brand’s real live aux box at aux box’s headquarters on Vancouver Island.

Discover more about aux box here.

Project notes:

Photography: aux box

Co-founders: Morgan Seeber and Landon Check

Project sourced from v2com

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