Aesop’s new store | Piccadilly Arcade

Aesop’s new London store

Following the news earlier in the year that Aesop’s – the brand devoted to formulating skin, hair and body care products of the up-most quality – Brighton store had opened, the Australian brand has just revealed another new store location, this time in Piccadilly Arcade, London.

Aesop’s new London store

Designed with Studio Luca Guadagnino, Aesop’s new store makes quite the design statement with its Piccadilly Arcade entrance location and beautifully unique, curved corner store. Inside stucco panels become mock Tudor cabinets, rounded windows glint with the secrets and formulations kept within and visitors won’t be able to resist the meticulously designed space that beckons.

Aesop’s new store in Piccadilly Arcade

Aesop’s signature approach to interiors travels with fluidity between the two storeys of the building, linked by an intriguing light well that pierces the first floor’s slab. A plethora of texture dominates the space. Two boulders interlock to create a central basin, while stone tiles sit in geometric harmony, drawing customers into the space and making a nod to the architectural heritage of Greenwich. 

Aesop’s new store in Piccadilly Arcade, London

Visit the new store Aesop Piccadilly Arcade at 2 Piccadilly Arcade, St. James’s, London SW1 Y6NH. 

Learn more about the Piccadilly Arcade Aesop’s store here.

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Aesop’s new store in Piccadilly Arcade
Piccadilly Arcade

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